NURPLEX: The Fallcrest Fugitives

Duraykay is Dead

First Session

Three adventurers work as a group to exterminate some rats and find a cat in a lady’s basement. Chrono FireSword,Rango “Lucky” Agathorn, and Raven Northfire were all informed about a job advertisement in the Weekly Fallcrest Times and have all decided to take the same job. The employer, an elderly widow, was Dolaria Blackcape and walked out to her yard to greet the heroes and she said "you must be the young fellas who are here to kill the dumb rats in my basement and find my sweet kitty Butterscotch! " The gang followed her to her kitchen where she payed them half of the money in advance.

Dolaria told them about her husband, Duraykay Blackcape, who had been dead for a couple of weeks due to a magical experiment gone wrong in the basement. Ever since the sewer rat population has been growing out of control and around the same time Butterscotch went down there and hasn’t come back. After she explained everything, she went to the market and left the guys to work. The guys found a couple of items such as a live chicken and a rotten chicken leg. Then they broke into the living room where they found a massive hole that had been caused from the blast of the experiment. Chrono FireSword took a peek down the hole and sliped, but he grabbed on with his enormous strength and jumped back up ( damaging a few brain cells on the way up ).

Once the guys made their way down the basement they had their first encounter with a couple of sewer rats. After that they found the stinky dead body of Duraykay. They searched the body and Chrono got a fancy silk stinky vest that he know wears as a reminder of his first job. Lucky got a hold of a potions kit that was on a nearby table. Raven examined a short distance teleportation circle nearby, and asked the guys to help him tie up the live chicken to a chain and activate the teleportation circle. Once they succeeded, they decided to go through it. But after A LOT of tries only Raven was able to access the portal. Chrono and Lucky were left behind on the other side, but then they broke through some gates and proceded to where they found a chamber with Kolbolds, a rat and a really really big cat. Raven was in the corner of the room and they all drew out there weapons to fight these beasts. Not only had they killed all the rats but they also found the cat General Butterscotch (the really big cat). And it came down to the three heroes against the General, but the scaredy cat turned into a regular house cat and ran off.

The went back up the stairs, Dolaria paid them the rest of the money and bought them a drink at a local tavern…



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